Advanced Software Development is a Software Development House and Digital Information Service provider. We are providing Media Monitoring Service to our Clients with success since 2004. We are providing our services to different development sectors, NGO’s, Bank & Financial Institute, FMCG Sector, Multi Nationals, Telco, University and Government Sector. We archive News, Information and Resources published in dailies, periodicals and in electronic media. We compile category-based news clippings in digital format as per clients’ requirement. Online & LAN based browsing software has been developed for easy and efficient browsing of the clippings with diverse features of sorting & searching. News clippings are compiled on the basis of category and sub-category in our own software in JPEG format through scanning process with summery. Our online web portal www.emediadesk.com provides an ‘access from anywhere’ service, which requires no installation of software in your computer and no usage of your hard disk space. Just log on to our portal and get updated with your desired information.


Media monitoring is the activity of monitoring the output of the print, online and broadcast media. It can be conducted for a variety of reasons, including political, commercial, scientific, social and so on. In the commercial sphere, this activity is usually carried out in house or by a media monitoring service, a private company that provides such services to other companies, organizations and individuals on a subscription basis. The services that media monitoring companies provide typically include the systematic recording of broadcasts media, the collection of press clippings from print media publications, and the collection of data from online information sources. The material collected usually consists of any media output that makes reference to the client, its activities and/or its designated topics of interests Being a media monitoring service provider we do exactly the same thing for our clients. We digitize the major national and local dailies and magazines and input in our SQL database through our specially developed software and distribute the news among different subjects. The news clips then customized on the basis of the clients’ requirements. They are then more distinctly categorized according to the clients’ need. We upload the daily news clipping on our web server. Our clients are given distinct login names and passwords to access our portal. As you log in our portal you get all the information you need, customized to fulfill your requirements. Our web application featured is rich and fast enough to get your required information within seconds. We are also providing different reports and analyses on the basis of the media coverage. The report generation is fully customizable, real time and online.

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