All your media monitoring and news clip tools in one easy to use service.

Our Media Monitor Pro service provides the comprehensive media monitoring tools needed by communications professionals in one easy to use package.

Benefits of Media Monitor Pro:

Comprehensive News Monitoring – TV, Radio, Online, and Social media monitoring from a single provider. We provide media monitoring from broadcast and online news sources to ensure you are always in the know about the news that is important to you.

Instant News Alerts – Never be surprised by the news again. Receive reports of your media coverage as it happens or customize delivery to fit your needs. Most clients prefer to receive a comprehensive news monitoring report the first thing each morning.

Unlimited TV and Radio News Clip Downloads – Quickly save and share an unlimited number of TV and radio news clips. View your saved clips from any computer or mobile device.

Permanent Storage – Media Monitor Pro provides permanent online storage of media coverage and news clips for quick retrieval and reporting. You will never have to worry about an expired link to your media content. If you need a report of media coverage from the past or need to share a video news clip, all of your media monitoring assets can be accessed anytime via your Media Monitor Pro account.

Easy Export and Analysis – Build custom reports and graphs to analyze your media coverage or export your news data to Excel and Word for further analysis.

Metrics and Media Analysis – Who is paying attention to your story and what is it worth? We can help you answer these questions. Media Monitor Pro includes key metrics for your media coverage. Audience estimates and media value data from Nielsen Media Research and Arbitron are included with your Media Monitor Pro service. You can also quickly determine additional media metrics such as Tone, Placement, and Message Points.

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