Eken Babu O Dhaka Rahashya to release today

28 Nov, 2019

The latest season, Eken Babu O Dhaka Rahashya, sees the detective and his two friends, Bapi and Pramatha, in Dhaka. The Daily Star caught up with Eken Babu (Anirban Chakrabarti), during his visit to Dhaka, to find out more about his life.

One’s first glance at Eken Babu, a man with a bald head, round face and sweet smile on his face, might just throw him/her off a bit. He has a silly-as-a-goose nature that is mildly annoying. Yet, he is witty and unusually intelligent. “I feel a sense of responsibility to find out how and why something happened. People around me, including my friends and loved ones, find my obsession with solving crimes quite bothersome, but I can’t help it!” laughs Eken Babu.


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